Affiliate Marketing Review & Management

Affiliate Marketing is another channel by which a site can gain sales and leads.

It works by paying commission to an affiliate who promotes your products and/ or services.

Also known as community-led marketing, affiliate marketing incentivises a third party to send traffic to your site by sending out relevant posts and content.

This marketing style has changed a lot over the years. 

There are still many successful discount code sites that do work and get the required results, however in general, it has very much become a form of content-led marketing.

In some cases, affiliates may use an ap to reward a user for using their services and/or buying from a particular retailer. 

It is all a lot more sophisticated than it used to be.

A successful affiliate marketing strategy will often use a mixture of affiliates that use their own website (for articles and blog posts), eCommerce type sites and social platforms such as Facebook pages and groups.

How can we help?

We use a system called Awin (formerly known as Affiliate Window) as a market place for affiliates and retailers.

We can utilise this (and other platforms if needed) to put together short and/ or long term campaigns with the goal being to send traffic and product sales to eCommerce websites.

This is an integral part of marketing and often a missed channel and opportunity.

Affiliate Training

Whether you are new to using Affiliates or feel your company needs to improve on its skills, we can help. Rogers & Rogers offer Affiliate training to individuals in Sunderland, Durham and Darlington areas.

Training can follow a framework based on the individual needs of the company or a specific problem. Alternatively, the training can also cover all aspects of online selling to ensure the candidate has an overall knowledge of the industry.

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