Affiliate Marketing Review & Management

Affiliate Marketing is another digital marketing channel that helps generate both sales and leads, usually on a commission basis.

Also known as Performance Marketing, Affiliate Marketing is a great way to increase your sales volume in a cost effective way as the cost is paid after the sale has been made, rather than upfront.

The channel works by utilising third parties to promote your companies products or services. They can do this in a variety of ways, including using links, display banners, voucher codes and by pulling your websites shopping feed.

Whilst the channel used to be heavily discount focused, the emphasis is now on creating a more well rounded programme for each client.

Discount and Cashback websites do still play a part in the channel, there are now a whole host of publishers that utilise different technologies to promote your products.

An example of this is CSS (Comparison Shopping Service) which uses the Google Product feed to push out ads on the Google Shopping Platform on a CPA basis. The great thing about CSS is that it can’t be 2nd priced against any existing shopping activity, meaning there wouldn’t be an increase in bid prices for any party.

There are also a variety of onsite technologies and conversion tools that can be used to aid a successful Affiliate Marketing program.

How can we help you with Affiliate Marketing?

We have a variety of platforms that we work with such as AWIN and Partnerize in which we can put together strategies either long or short term to help you increase your conversion rate and drive traffic to your eCommerce website.