How Analytics can help eCommerce

In the world of eCommerce, success heavily relies on the ability to understand customer satisfaction and store performance without ever coming face-to-face with the people who buy from your store. In a traditional shop, store owners are able to gauge how a store is performing by reading the facial expressions and listening in to the conversations of customers that enter the building. With eCommerce, this isn’t possible as customers will shop from behind a computer screen. Instead, eCommerce businesses rely on analytics to reveal exactly how the store is being received by visitors and customers alike.

What are ecommerce analytics?

eCommerce analytics is a process that gathers reliable data from every aspect of your eCommerce store. The data provides information that can be used to understand changes in store performance and guide informed decision making.

eCommerce analytics makes it possible for business owners to keep track of how the business is running, how customers are responding to the business and can also enable business owners to know exactly what drives revenue. eCommerce analytics are the key to knowing what works and what doesn’t.

How analytics can help eCommerce?

Analytics make it possible for eCommerce store owners to know how their online business is performing. Data can be taken from all aspects of the business, including website activity, customer reviews and purchase rates. The process covers a number of areas of the business so it can provide a number of benefits to business owners.

Informed decision making: Analytics produces objective data about the performance of an eCommerce store that will highlight exact strengths and weakness. Such data is indisputable and will lead to more efficient, informed decision making that is based on statistical evidence instead of personal opinion.

Efficiency: By running regular analytics, problems within your eCommerce operating system can be noticed and handled quickly. Analytics will inform you of any errors or areas of the business that are underperforming to minimise the time that this is happening for.

Customer appeal: eCommerce analytics provides information that can help you to tailor your business to your customers’ likes and needs. This will help you to create a store that strongly appeals to your target audience, which will lead to more customers and more sales. Analytics will tell you what parts of your business draw customers in so that you can expand on this and create the best experience for your audience.

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