B2B eCommerce: Will it be bigger than B2C?

I have personally seen a massive increase in B2B eCommerce over the past few years.

A recent Forbes article has suggested: ‘B2B eCommerce, when compared to the B2C industry, is projected to be two times bigger than B2C in 2020’.

The main benefits my clients who are using B2B eCommerce are:

  • Always on, 24/7
  • Self-service
  • Freely available content

Are you B2B and want to get into eCommerce? Give me a shout.


Facebook Ad’s Break Down Tool

My favourite tool for Facebook Ads?

The breakdown tool for reporting and analysing.

This simple tool will let you know much more about where your sales and leads are coming from within your targeting. It helps you laser focus on what is working and cull what is not working.

It can also settle some arguments within the office too, which is nice! 😂

What’s your favourite tool for Facebook ads?


Payments Gateways: What rate are you getting?

Whats your favourite payment gateway?

For me, its Stripe. Low fee’s, easy to use, easy integration. Not had a problem in the past 2 years.

But there are big ones out there too, most commonly Worldpay and Sagepay. Each has their own Pro’s and Con’s and when you get used to one it’s easy isn’t it?

But what about fees?

If you are in a low margin industry then fee’s are a big deal. I have seen some as low as 1% when you have volume but many often start around the 3-4% mark if you are starting out online or online sales are not at a great volume yet. Hence why I think Stripe is great!


Utilise the Search Terms report on Google Ads

I really don’t want to have to say this.

Not because I think it won’t help.

But because everyone should be doing it anyway!

Go and check your Search Terms report on Google Ads!

No, not your keywords list!

The search terms report that shows you exactly what searches your ads are showing up for.

You should add any search terms you don’t want to spend money on to a negative list too! I call this that sort of spend wastage 🗑

Need help to find the report? Give us a shout! 😀