What is headless eCommerce?

Headless eCommerce has become more and more popular over the years. As technological advancements are rapidly enhanced, retailers find that these platforms give freedom to their online websites within their front-end. It allows for more flexibility regarding how product information and products are displayed. Throughout this article, we will talk you through what exactly headless eCommerce is and the benefits of these platforms.

What really is a headless solution though?

A headless solution is when the front end (the face) of a website is separated from the back end (the commerce layer). This allows a retailer to have a richer website when it comes to branding and content, resulting in an overall better experience for the user.

In a normal commerce situation, the storefront of the website would have to call to gain information from the back, which would take a lot of time. It can result in small and regular updates needed on both ends, which can cause huge issues. A headless eCommerce platform, however, separates both, and API is used to carry the information. This is great because web developers can customise and make a website more original, which in turn is easier as neither the back nor front end has to rely on coding to conduct this.

Headless eCommerce: Key Benefits

Overall it is a faster platform – the front end of the website can be quickly changed at ease without having the worry about the logistics of the back end, which in turn makes everything more efficient. It can also save time when it comes to IT as it usually only takes a couple of clicks to amend something, rather than having to go into deep coding and making a lot of complicated technical changes.

Customisation is a lot easier to implement and therefore there is greater flexibility when it comes to formatting. Therefore, you have the option to make your design look amazing.

The structure of headless eCommerce helps with security as only the front-end coding can be accessed by the public, whereas the other end is private.

Companies can sometimes be reluctant to introduce new systems into the business because they need to train all employees on how to use them, which can be time-consuming. Headless commerce eliminates this issue because it is so easy to use and access, meaning that anyone can make updates.

Headless commerce comes with the best and most futuristic tools to build customised experiences, and this is what encourages shoppers to return to a particular website.

Who is it for?

Organisations are always looking for new ways to meet customer expectations and keep up with the competition in the market. Headless eCommerce is for businesses that want to create changes quickly. For example, if a new product comes to the market, your company should be one of the first to get it onto your website. Headless platforms make this a quick and easy option for you and ensure that you are always one step ahead of the game.

Users want to have the ability to interact with interfaces on websites more, which allows a brand’s creativity to grow with the content they wish to post out on their online shop window. Websites can now easily integrate new designs when headless eCommerce is implemented, so if a company wants a brand refresh, or feels like their website is looking a bit tired, the changes can be easily made.

Overall, if a company wants to make life easier for themselves and for their users, they can highly benefit from this platform. As modern internet users, we have become impatient when it comes to loading times of websites, as we are now accustomed to fast loading webpages elsewhere. The quicker your website, the more customers you will keep.

eCommerce platforms available to use with Headless

Magento –

Magento Commerce is an Adobe product that helps to create engaging and enjoyable shopping experiences online. This is a headless eCommerce solution for any business, no matter how big or small. It has a headless architecture that is completely flexible and customisable. This is used to create a seamless shopping experience.

BigCommerce –

This platform allows you to get your business going with all the uses of enterprise eCommerce without the complications and cost. There is a powerful engine on the back-end for commence to allow for a great shopping experience. You can power multiple online stores on various platforms.

Shopify Plus –

This is a cost-effective headless eCommerce platform that is built for change with a quick way to launch. Users of this platform will gain access to APIs which divulge information about products to third-party systems. You will need to consider adding on a Content Management System (CMS) to deal with content on a large scale.

Core DNA –

This is your go-to one-stop-shop for all your headless eCommerce needs. It is primarily a digital experience platform with the added extras of web management, API’s and eCommerce all in one place.

ElasticPath –

This platform creates unique experiences for the user and breaks away from stiff eCommerce platforms.

Examples of Headless eCommerce in action

Bang & Olufsen use CommerceTools and Contentful

bang & olufsen headless ecommerce

Oliver Bonas uses Magento and Angular.js front-end

oliver bonas ecommerce website uses headless ecommerce

Grassroots Coop use Shopify Plus and Contentful

grass roots headless ecommerce website

Verishop use Shopify Plus and Contentful

verishop uses headless ecommerce

We hope you are now up to scratch with Headless eCommerce and can understand why it may be a great benefit to your online shop. Today might be the day to make the switch and upgrade to this type of platform. Make life easier for your employees who have to make changes to the company’s website and give your customers a great online experience.